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2018 Conference Agenda

Conference Schedule

  • Monday, October 15 (afternoon): Institute on Participatory Grantmaking & Pre-Conference Meetings
  • Tuesday, October 16 (morning) – Thursday, October 18 (mid-day): Full Conference
  • Thursday, October 18 (afternoon) – Friday, October 19: Member-organized Community Events

Personalized conference schedules, session details, and attendee information are available to registered participants at hrfn2018.sched.com.

Click on the image to access Sched.

We are excited to introduce you to the speakers for our plenary Transforming social protests into political influence and power: what lessons from Africa to the Diaspora?The session, sponsored by TrustAfrica, seeks to inform social movement funding by creating a platform for learning and exchange between movement leaders from Africa and the Diaspora and the human rights grantmaking community.

Read the speaker bios for our conference plenary Countering Impunity: Lessons From the FieldThe session, sponsored by The Ford Foundation and The Fund for Global Human Rights, will engage these human rights defenders and experts in a conversation on the innovative and effective strategies that can provide new energy at this pivotal moment.

For questions, please contact HRFNMEX2018@hrfn.org.