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IHRFG’s 2014 New York Conference: Lessons from Mapping & Networking

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference and pre-conference institute in New York. Over the coming weeks, we will share reflections from the grantmakers who came together to explore timely issues in human rights grantmaking. Click here to read more lessons and join the conversation!

Thanks for the scholarship from IHRFG! This support made my first time to attend IHRFG Conference possNYHQ2009-2313ible! It’s great to meet and greet other human rights grant-makers in person.

I learnt a lot through different workshops. I realize the importance of doing a comprehensive donor mapping. Not just for us to seek funding, but also to give better picture for our grantee partners. We did come up constructive idea that IHRFG can help to set up a “library” for all mapping information to save our time and to avoid interviewing the same funders by asking same questions.

Networking is also an important part of this conference. It’s a good chance for me to introduce myself to other grant-makers, and tell people about the situation and the strategy we used in Hong Kong in facing the regressive environment. I’m glad that many of them joined the Asia-Pacific Funders Working Group Dinner Dialogue, and showed their interest and concern to the political situation as well as the LGBTI and sex workers’ issues in Hong Kong. Collective thinking is powerful! They immediately shared some good insights that I can bring back to Hong Kong.

Thank you very much for all the co-ordination work by IHRFG! Let’s keep our passion and mission towards human rights, and make a better future for everyone.


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