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IHRFG’s 2015 New York Conference: A Space for Provocative Reflection

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference and institute in New York, where participants debated, critiqued, re-framed and re-claimed the rights-based approach and the human rights brand. Following the event, we will share reflections from the funders who joined the conversation. Click here to read more.

If we could describe the recent IHRFG convening in one phrase, it would be “a space for provocative reflection.”e1c10595-0e99-4828-a31a-0df047f92782

The thematic review of the rights-based approach, which brought to center stage the challenges faced by human rights donors and activists, was timely and critical, especially in the current global political climate. As a regional women’s fund, supporting women’s rights initiatives at the local, national and regional level, we realize the value of, and are committed to the implementation of the rights-based approach. Our rigorous engagement with the approach has brought home to us that it is a dynamic framework and has to be progressively implemented, rather than placed in a said set of activities.

It has been a journey with our partners, challenging perspectives, understandings, as well as implementation frameworks. IHRFG’s conference provided the perfect opportunity for peer-to-peer learning in a safe space, enabling a constructive critique of the approach and building on it for further expansion. For South Asia Women’s Fund, IHRFG’s New York convening on the rights-based approach gave us this much needed fodder, and we have come away with a treasure chest of knowledge rooted in diverse experiences and perspectives.


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