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Pausing Our Global Research Project


Due to the concerns in response to our global research project, we’ve decided to pause the survey to examine our methodology and impact. 

The unbiased nature of the survey is, by no means, a representation of our values at HRFN. 

We apologize for any harm that the content of our survey caused and we are grateful for those of you who honestly and firmly hold us true to our values.

This survey was an attempt to better understand the range of perspectives across the field of philanthropy – both aligned with and in opposition to our own – to identify ways we can advance human rights initiatives worldwide. Because while we stand for these values, sadly, some philanthropies do not.

We stand behind research that enables us to radically shift perspectives and funding towards justice. But we do not stand behind research that may cause harm. That is where we are reflecting. 

We invite you to remain in conversation with us. 

Stay tuned for more information. 


Thank you, 

Human Rights Funders Network.


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