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The New HRFN. Get to Know Us

Letter From Our  Executive Director:

Funders, Members, Friends,

When HRFN was established 26 years ago, it was founded on a simple premise – that by collaborating, sharing strategies, and discussing field-wide trends, grantmakers could ensure philanthropy was effectively resourcing human rights efforts and movements worldwide. Since our inception, HRFN members have done tremendous and vital work advocating for the advancement of human rights and effective philanthropy globally.

But the fight for human rights must be relentless. As a collection of human rights funders and activists, we have a mandate to continually move philanthropy in a more just direction – we cannot become complacent. To influence change and catalyze impact, we must rise to the moment. We must grow. And we must reimagine ourselves alongside the movements we support.

That’s why I am excited to share with you HRFN’s next phase of innovation. 

Our approach centers a relentless pursuit of justice, globally and intersectionally, in the field of funding. We are bringing together new voices, leveraging the latest technologies, and finding ways to build connections across borders, economies, and languages. Join us as we partner with movements and collaborate with members in every corner of the world to redefine what it means to significantly resource human rights today.

Without further delay, meet the new HRFN – Just. Open. Bold. Relentless.

Abrazos solidarios,

Ana María Enríquez, Executive Director


Meet the New HRFN
Relentless Pursuits

Our new direction is rooted in the ‘Relentless Pursuit” of #HumanRightsAtAllTimes. Looking ahead, our partners and members can expect fresh ways of engaging — from conversations with peer funders and activists to innovation labs where we can co-create solutions around pressing human rights issues to in-depth research that shines a light on and shifts the field of philanthropy.

Join HRFN as we creatively advocate for impactful change in funding for human rights.

Already a member? Read on for our latest offerings. Stay tuned for our upcoming survey on the issues that matter to you.

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Get To Know Us


After an extensive and rigorous search, we are thrilled to announce that Kellea Miller has joined the Human Rights Funders Network as our new Deputy Director.

An ideal complement to our team, Kellea is an accomplished and exceptional leader with an unwavering commitment to human rights through philanthropic practices and just resourcing. Please join us in welcoming Kellea to HRFN!

Kellea will closely collaborate with the Executive Director to provide strategic direction and leadership to advance HRFN’s vision, implement its strategic plan and oversee the management of the organization’s day-to-day operations. She is a feminist researcher and advocate for just resourcing for social movements. She specializes in grantmaking and strategy development and has worked for feminist funds, including Global Fund for Women, UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, Astraea Foundation, Mama Cash and AWID. Her research focuses on gender equality discourse, development financing, and feminist movements.  Kellea holds a PhD in Sociology and a BA in Public Policy & Feminist Studies. In her spare time, she teaches self-defense, serves on the boards of the International Accountability Project and Community Beyond Violence, and frolics with her kids.

Lit Talks

Out of reflection and conversation with many of you over the past five months, we see HRFN’s mandate as moving global philanthropy in a more just direction. Justice requires conversation and understanding.

In response, we are building out two conversation series that will broadcast our inextinguishable commitment to public service through philanthropy. Our podcast (see below) and our ‘Lit Talks’ are part of the advocacy and outreach strategy we’re calling ‘Relentless Pursuit.’

In ‘Lit Talks,’ we bridge the gap between activism and philanthropy by bringing together global perspectives from each field to discuss solutions for the issues of today. We debuted with a Lit Talk on racial justice in Brazil with Afro Brazilian philosopher and historian, Dr. Helena Theodoro, and we’re committed to sharing stories from human rights organizations and social leaders around the world with global grantmakers and with our larger audiences.

Together we can influence change and catalyze impact — one conversation at a time.

Lit Talk here.

Stay tuned for the next Lit Talk.


Inapagable Podcast

The HRFN tri lingual podcast in Spanish, English and French is led by Executive Director Ana María Enríquez. ’Relentless’ (Inapagable in Spanish) is born in the time of the COVID pandemic and aspires to re-imagine and decolonize the systems we have created in the world to make it more just. Each episode is a journey with social leaders’ voices from all over the world, fighting for the pursuit of human rights. We explore life stories, experiences and ideas from people that defend equality and truth. We participate in conversations with social leaders, historians, cultural activists, philosophers, nurses, academics, and artists that re-imagine a better world where philanthropy, the economy, and relationships among humans, nature and all living beings can simply be more caring and just.

Relentless is the voice that can never be extinguished.


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Principles Project

Last year, HRFN, in collaboration with ARIADNE and PAWHR set up a funders advisory committee and embarked on a journey to identify guiding principles for human rights grantmaking. For us, this journey meant that we had to be introspective and honest with ourselves about what it means to be bold and just in the field of philanthropy.

The process wasn’t perfect, but we are committed to learning and improving along the way. The first step in our learning motivates us to include more voices, and work in ways that are authentic to meeting the needs of impacted communities. We believe the final product, these six principles, are a launching pad for the next phase of growth for funders,  and the field of philanthropy broadly.

It is not a coincidence that the launch of these principles is happening in this critical moment. If we are to make the most of the opportunities in front of us, we need to invest more in aligning grantmaking practices with human rights values, which is the very intention of these principles.

Mark your calendars for our six-part workshop series for funders and human rights activists and organizations where we will dive into the grantmaking principles, jointly exploring how we can apply them in practice.

Read More in English, French, Spanish



Website update

The new HRFN can be summed up very simply — Open. Global. Human Rights.

With a pivot toward being a more just and transparent organization committed to bringing activism and philanthropy together, we need to show as much as we tell.  That’s why our website is getting a facelift to reflect our dedication to our new direction.

Soon you’ll see exactly how we’re wearing our values on our sleeves.

See front new web


Our Partners

HRFN’s approach and innovation is made possible, in part, through partnership with Feeling, a global consulting firm based in Colombia, focused on human-centered design thinking methodologies and The Narrative Project, an anti-racist & social justice communications agency. With their support, we have a whole new look and feel. We’ve launched and activated our social media presence and incorporated new methods of communications and relationship building, information technology, and human-centered design, along with participatory tools in all our offerings.


Our Steering Committee

Thank you to our steering committee for their bold leadership in creating the new HRFN.




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