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LGBTQI Rights and the Power of Following the Funding

This two-part series is about how we change the narrative and move more money to the forefront of social change.  This is the second session, visit Mapping Funding: Black feminist activism, disability rights, and regional funding disparities to learn about part one.

Session Summary

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Visibility and data have been fundamental to moving the needle on funding for LGBTQI communities globally. LGBTQI rights constitute a mere 3% of foundation funding for human rights. However, dedicated advocacy has increased the total dollars and shaped a new narrative about the diverse needs within the broad umbrella of LGBTQI rights.

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) and partners such as Astraea, the International Trans Fund, and the Intersex Human Rights Fund have made powerful in-roads with philanthropic and governmental donors. Through hard-hitting research and strategic relationship-building, we have witnessed increases in funding for trans and intersex rights, awareness about the unique needs of lesbian, bisexual, and queer (LBQ) communities, and greater willingness to listen to movements’ priorities.

Other regional funds, such as ISDAO (Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest), have led regional mapping efforts to help meet the most pressing needs of LGBTQI people in West Africa.


This session brings these experiences together to underscore the power of visibility in shifting the funding landscape.

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Interpretation available in English, Spanish, French, and closed captioning


Series Information

Power in Numbers: Evidence-based advocacy to move money to social justice movements

“No stories without data, no data without stories.” Activists and funders alike are drawing on a growing evidence base to push for more and better funding — and with some promising successes.

Join us for a two-part series about how we change the narrative and move more money to the forefront of social change. In lively dialogue, we will:

  • Explore the power of bringing together data on the state of funding with advocacy for resources;
  • Hear from advocates working across the human rights field, including in racial justice, feminist movements, disablity rights, and LGBTQI rights;
  • Learn about resources that you can use in your own advocacy and fundraising; and
  • Share your experiences mapping funding to move the field toward more and better resourcing.

Interpretation available in English, French, Spanish, and closed captioning

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