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How Human Rights and Social Change Funders Can Respond to Mass Statelessness and State-Sponsored Anti-Muslim Violence in India

Protesters hold placards at a demonstration against the Ccitizenship Amendment Act in Mumbai on December 19, 2019. | Punit Paranjpe / AFP

Ariadne and Human Rights Funders Network invite you to a webinar on the human rights situation in India.

Description: India has witnessed mass public protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in the last six months. The state in response has escalated repression: The Muslim community in particular has been targeted in shootings, beatings, burnings, and acid attacks.  These attacks have often been orchestrated, enabled, or tolerated by government forces, or indeed with government officials’ active participation. The most violent episodes have taken place in Uttar Pradesh and northeast Delhi. Community-based researchers have documented police abuse of children at a madrasa and coordinated lootings in Uttar Pradesh, as well as acid attacks during the recent northeast Delhi riots, where ambulances deliberately were blocked from reaching Muslim-majority communities. This Webinar will share recent research into these events, and explore how funders can use their clout and connections to seek to prevent further violence.

  • Speakers: Representatives from Citizens Against Hate, the Quill Foundation, and Youth for Human Rights and Behavior Change
  • Moderator: Representative from a relevant funder organization

Please RSVP here for this funder only conversation by April 7th.


Due to the extreme sensitivity of the information, links to research and Webinar will only be shared upon RSVP. Names of researchers and funders cannot be shared outside of the Webinar,  and the Webinar will not be recorded.