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Human Rights Funding: Mapping the Who, What, and Where

Washington, D.C.

Do you wish you had a simple way to:

  • See your foundation’s human rights and social justice funding mapped out by country, issue, or population?
  • Find potential grantees working at the intersection of key issues, such as access to justice and migration?
  • Identify funding partners supporting similar work, such as civic participation in Asia and the Pacific?

Join us for a funder-only tutorial on Foundation Maps: Human Rights, our interactive map of human rights grantmaking, part of IHRFG and Foundation Center’s Advancing Human Rights: Knowledge Tools for Funders initiative (see our recently released report here).

The map lets you explore grants focused on the issues, populations, and countries you care about most. Learn how this tool can help you understand the funding landscape for specific rights areas, find funding partners and potential grantees, and see how your institution fits within the overall field.