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What creates change?

At HRFN, we know that change can be slow and often incremental – That is, unless there’s a force of people creating a movement to be “On Fire to Inspire.”

As part of our new global philanthropic advocacy strategy, we’re launching a conversation series called “Lit Talks,” which will help us stand with activists in the relentless pursuit of justice and bring philanthropy to the tables where the work is actually happening.

For our first Lit Talk, we’re partnering with Elas Fund and diving into the issues of anti-black racism with Dr. Helena Theodoro, a historical expert on systemic racism in Brazil.

We’re bridging the gap between activism and philanthropy by bringing together global perspectives from the field to discuss solutions for the issues of today. We’re committed to sharing stories from human rights organizations and activists around the world with global grantmakers who can influence change and catalyze impact — one conversation at a time.

This Lit Talk will have simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, Portuguese, and English and will stream live on Facebook.

Facilitator: Ana Maria Enriquez, Executive Director, HRFN


Please register for the event here (RSVP required).