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In-Person Gatherings

Joint Funders Roundtable Discussion on Promoting & Supporting Young People’s Participation In Peacebuilding & Violence Prevention

Location: UNDP, 304 East 45th Street, New York 6th Fl Conference Rm & Remote Participation via Conference Line

The United Nations Security Council, Member States and international actors are increasingly giving youth a greater voice in decision-making and enabling young people to play an important and positive role in promoting international peace and security. This is exemplified by UNSCR 2250 and the Secretary-General’s request to carry out a Progress Study on Young People’s Positive Contribution to Peace Processes and Conflict Resolution as well as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The youth, peace and security (YPS) agenda builds upon the groundbreaking work of the Women, Peace and Security agenda, demonstrating the imperative of inclusivity in matters of peace and security and opening avenues of participation for traditionally excluded actors – such as women and young people.

In conjunction with International Peace Day and the UN General Assembly, Elevate Children Funders Group, Human Rights Funders Network, and the Peace and Security Funders Group will hold a roundtable to discuss the role of funders in supporting the YPS agenda. The meeting will be opened by representatives of the UN Secretary General’s Office and the discussion framed by expert discussants from the Office of the Progress Study, UNDP, and civil society.

The roundtable discussion core objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of UNSCR 2250, the Progress Study, and discuss the YPS agenda;
  • Better understand where global policymaking is heading in relation to YPS agenda, the SDGs, the securitization of public policy, and the current understanding and responses to youth;
  • Explore how philanthropy across the different sectors of peace and security, child protection and violence prevention, and human rights currently supports initiatives which are or could be connected to the YPS agenda;
  • Assess emerging trends, gaps, and opportunities for coordination and collaboration;
  • Strategically brainstorm on philanthropy’s value-add in supporting innovative approaches and possible entry points on this important agenda.

The meeting is open to all staff of invited funders. In accordance with ECFG, HRFN and PSFG rules, this meeting will be a fundraising-free zone and all forms of fundraising are strictly prohibited. Additional background information on the meeting is available upon request. Please contact Ghazal Keshavarzian, ghazal.keshavarzian@elevatechildren.org, with questions.