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Resisting Authoritarianism in Asia

Massive mobilizations for human rights are standing strong across the Asia region: from the months-long farmers’ strike across India to the anti-government, anti-monarchy student movements flooding the streets in Thailand. The resistance movements defying the military coup in Myanmar are the most recent example of the pressing fight for human rights.

At the same time, new challenges are emerging. How are issues of the climate crisis, digital rights and online surveillance, authoritarian rules, economic growth and COVID-19 shaping the landscape for human rights organizing in the region? What role does China play as a growing regional and global power and what will the new United States administration’s agenda look like in this context?


Jac sm Kee, Feminist Tech Activist, Co-Founder of The Numun Fund
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Subha Wijesiriwardena, Feminist Activist and Researcher, Works with CREA
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Dr. Leta Hong Fincher, Author of Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China. Adjunct professor, Columbia University
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Walden Bello, Senior Analyst, Focus on the Global South
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Series Moderator:

Mariano Aguirre, Researcher and Political Analyst on International Politics
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Series Host:

Ana Maria Enriquez, Executive Director, HRFN
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