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LitTalks NOW: What is Happening in Colombia?

At HRFN, the unfolding human rights crisis in Colombia is personal. Executive Director, Ana María Enríquez, lives in Medellín and has been closely monitoring the escalating attacks on protesters and local and national responses — both those of solidarity and of militarization.

Join Ana María this Thursday, 13 May at 1 p.m. ET, 12 p.m. COT in conversation with a funder, an activist, and a journalist for the most up-to-date analysis about the evolving human rights emergency in Colombia. Together, we will explore potential points of entry for progressive donors and ask what this moment could mean long-term for human rights in the country.

The event will be in Spanish with English interpretation.


Roseli Finscue, Coordinator Women’s Program of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC)
Laura Aristizabal, Rapid Response Grants CoordinatorUrgent Action Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean
León Valencia, Analyst, Writer, and Director ofFoundation for Peace and Reconciliation
Jess Simón Castaño Cuadro: Co-founder, Posá Suto

Series Host:

Ana Maria Enriquez, Executive Director, HRFN
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