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Preventing and Addressing Forced Migration: Jordan Learning Visit Debriefing

Co-organized with Ariadne-European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights

In mid-October, Ariadne and the International Human Rights Funders Group held a learning visit to Amman to help funders learn and strategise in response to the migration crisis.

During this tele-briefing, we will hear from Hady Matar, Jordan Programme Manager at the International Refugee Assistance Project on the local responses. Michael Diedring, Director of the European Program for Integration and Migration will take a European perspective and Cathy Togher, Grants Manager at Comic Relief will focus on the UK. The tele-briefing will end with concrete examples of what funders can do next.

View IHRFG and Ariadne’s Key Takeaways document from the Learning Visit here.