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Statelessness in the Context of the Refugee Crisis

Co-sponsored with Ariadne- European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights

The UNHCR has documented that statelessness has a “devastating psychological toll” on stateless people and their families, and dramatically limits opportunities. How does statelessness intersect with the global refugee crisis? Under Syrian law, citizenship can only be passed to children by the father. In the absence of a father, mothers can not register the birth of their child, who may then be unable to acquire a nationality.  More than 300,000 Syrian children born in exile may be at risk of statelessness, and up to 160,000 people within Syria are currently stateless.

Join this webinar, which builds on HRFN and Ariadne‘s 2016 Funder Learning Visit to Jordan, to discuss findings from a new report on statelessness in the Syrian refugee context and learn about grantmaker strategies for countering statelessness.

Speakers include:

  • Zahra Albarazi, Co-Founder, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
  • Emad Quraan, ICLA Legal Technical Professional, Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Liliana Gamboa, Advocacy Officer, Open Society Justice Initiative (moderator)