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In-Person Gatherings

Strategy Meeting: Applying a Rights-Based Approach to Funding Climate-Forced Displacement and Relocation

New York, NY

Sponsored by HRFN’s Environmental Justice, Climate Change, and Human Rights Working Group and Organized by the Climate Justice Resilience Fund and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Speakers include:

  • Salote Soqo, Senior Program Leader of Environmental Justice and Climate Action at the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), will open with a brief introduction to the key challenges and opportunities for incorporating human rights principles in funding for climate-forced displacement and relocation.
  • Robin Bronen, Executive Director of the Alaska Institute of Justice (AIJ), will provide background on climate-forced displacement and share the experience of Alaska Native communities.
  • Ambassador Aunese Makoi-Simati, Permanent Representative of Tuvalu to the United Nations, will share background on relevant international policy and information relevant to the South Pacific context.

This strategy meeting will address questions such as:

  • Why are human rights central to climate-forced displacement and relocation efforts?
  • How can funders effectively incorporate a rights-based approach to funding for climate-forced displacement?
  • What are some practical recommendations for funders interested in integrating human rights principles in their climate and environment-related grantmaking?
  • How can we share the insights from this meeting more broadly to build on this conversation?