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Towards a New Ecology for the Human Rights Movement: Lessons from Ford Foundation’s Strengthening Human Rights Worldwide global initiative


Sponsored by HRFN’s Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group

What does it mean to fund human rights in a globalized world? How do you ensure that lived realities are informing the shaping of issues and strategies regionally and globally? How can regional and global organizations respond to the growing influence of new players, including transnational corporations?

While the majority of human rights abuses happen in the Global South, over half of all funding goes to rights related work in North America and Western Europe including funding to address human rights abuses in the Global South. During this webinar, Martín Abregú, Vice President of Democracy, Justice, and Free Expression at Ford Foundation, and evaluator Barbara Klugman will share insights from a comprehensive learning review aimed at identifying how funders can best support Southern organizations and networks to influence the global human rights movement. From 2012 to 2017, Ford Foundation’s five-year $54 million Strengthening Human Rights Worldwide (SHRW) initiative sought to strengthen and diversify the global human rights movement to face the challenges of a changing world.

Join us for a lively and provocative conversation as we utilize the SHRW learning review to frame difficult and evolving contexts. Participants will be encouraged to share their perspectives on how our funding community can best support Global South-led agendas.

This webinar has passed. The following resources are available:

  • Presentation from the webinar
  • Summary of Ford Foundation’s learning review
  • Resources, including findings, blogs, and evaluation commentaries


  • Barbara Klugman is a South African strategy and external practitioner. Previously, she ran the Ford Foundation’s international sexuality and reproductive rights portfolio and established and ran the Women’s Health Project, South Africa. Barbara is a part-time visiting professor at the School of Public Health of the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and serves on the board of the Global Fund for Community Foundations.
  • Martín Abregú is the vice president for Democracy, Justice, and Free Expression. He also oversees the foundation’s regional programming in Brazil, Mexico and Central America, and the Andean Region. Martín joined Ford in 2000, serving as program officer for human rights in the Santiago office. In 2007, he was appointed the foundation’s representative for the Andean Region and Southern Cone, guiding grant strategy and programs across the region. In 2010, he was named director of Human Rights and Governance. Working with program officers in New York and in nine regional offices around the world, Martín’s team focused on advancing economic and social rights, promoting transparent, effective, and accountable government, reforming global financial governance, and strengthening human rights worldwide. Martín was named vice president in 2013.

Towards a New Ecology: Strengthening Human Rights Worldwide (SHRW) Initiative Report

  • Towards a new ecology: SHRW Report