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[Webinar] Utilizing Shareholder Power for Human Rights

Please join this webinar hosted by the Human Rights Funders Network and co-sponsored by As You Sow, Investors Alliance for Human Rights, EDGE Funders Alliance – Engaged Donors for Global Equity, the Libra Foundation, and the Wallace Global Fund.

Human Rights advocates were the first shareholders to use their power – nuns in the 1970’s demanding that General Motors change its policies and practices in apartheid South Africa. The work continues to this day and has expanded to include environmental rights, slavery in supply chains, gender equality, diversity in the workplace and board room, LGBTQ rights, gender and minority pay gaps, conflict zones, prison labor, and hate speech to name a few.

The speakers have broad positions, experiences, and knowledge of how foundations can activate their portfolios to align with their missions and use their shareholder power to drive change through direct corporate engagement as well as divestment. They will present several case studies and ongoing projects. They will have peer-to-peer dialogues on how to use the other 95% of a foundation’s power, that may currently be invested in the very companies you seek to transform through your grantmaking.

The goal is to inform HRFN members about your power as shareholders and how it can be applied to your current work. Join this webinar and unlock your power; learn how to embrace the wisdom of your programs; activate your investing; and escalate the speed and intensity of change aligned with your mission.

Please find the links to the notes and recording from the webinar.

For questions, please contact engagement@hrfn.org.


  • Andrew Behar, CEO, As You Sow. Founded in 1992, As You Sow is the nation’s leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy and engagement. Shareholders are a strong, powerful force for creating positive, lasting change in corporate behavior. As You Sow uses that power, to change corporations for good — engaging corporations; educating individual and institutional investors about proxy power; and promoting alignment of investments with values. He is on the board of the US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing (US-SIF); the advisory boards of Real Impact Tracker and 1-Earth Institute. His book, The Shareholders Action Guide: Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Hold Corporations Accountable was published in November 2016 by Berrett-Koehler.


  • Ellen Dorsey, PhD, Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund, a private foundation focused on progressive social change in the fields of environment, democracy, human rights and corporate accountability. Under Dr. Dorsey’s leadership, the Fund is recognized globally for creative philanthropic strategies and mission-related investing. WGF’s model deploys finance as a tool for social change, alongside traditional grant making, to achieve higher impact.  Dorsey was awarded the 2016 inaugural Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Brave Philanthropy Award for launching Divest-Invest Philanthropy. She is also a founder of Shine, a global campaign committed to ending energy poverty by scaling access to distributed, renewable, and affordable energy for over a billion people who lack it today.
  • Regan Pritzker, President of the Board, the Libra Foundation. Regan has a background in education and is currently working in philanthropy. She chairs the investment committee of her family’s foundation, the Libra Foundation, and is active in the Just Transition movement, taking leadership in moving progressive investors to rethink their ethical framework for private investment. Regan works with her family and advisors to align the Libra Foundation’s and her personal assets with progressive and radical values. Regan argues against extractive and speculative investment and for ensuring just returns for communities not just investors. She also has deep familiarity with cooperative movements and efforts across the country and is a strong proponent of third sector economic models valuing collective ownership and community control.
  • Paloma Muñoz Quick, Program Director, Investor Alliance for Human Rights (IAHR), Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR). Paloma works with ICCR to establish the IAHR – a first of its kind network to coordinate broad-based investor advocacy on both public policy and corporate engagements on a range of human rights and labor rights issues. She has worked to ensure the implementation of human rights and business standards, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR). Paloma is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of the NGO PODER.