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WEBINAR: Uncalculated Risks: How funders can address threats to human rights defenders in development

Please join us on 14 January at 10am Eastern / 15.00 UTC for a discussion about the report Uncalculated Risks: Threats and Attacks Against Human Rights Defenders and the Role of Development Financiers, authored by the Coalition for Human Rights in Development in June 2019.

Human rights defenders are increasingly subjected to threats and attacks for their efforts, including harassment, physical violence, criminalization, arbitrary detention, and killing. What’s more, these threats and attacks are increasingly taking place in the context of activities undertaken in the name of development. Through 25 case studies, Uncalculated Risks explores the nature of the threats and attacks against defenders in development and examines the role of development finance institutions in mitigating or exacerbating these risks.

This Webinar presentation will discuss findings from this report that are most relevant to funders and share ideas about how funders can use this report. Panelists from Freedom House, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, the Coalition for Human Rights in Development, and others will explore how ideas from the report may assist funders in better understanding and addressing threats faced by indigenous peoples, communities, social movements, journalists and other human rights defenders operating in development contexts. 


  • Sheryl Mendez, Freedom House

  • Greg Regaignon, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

  • Mark Fodor, Coalition for Human Rights in Development

  • Gretchen Gordon, Coalition for Human Rights in Development

  • Guest speaker from MENA region

This Webinar will be hosted by HRFN. It will be recorded and made available to members of HRFN. Please bring your questions and ideas to the Q&A session!

This Webinar has already occurred. Register here to view the recording on demand: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_gwTrsL9uTcm5-XuQc038uQ. Due to the sensitivity of topics discussed you may need to wait for your registration to be approved by HRFN before you can view this recording. Some portions of this event are not included in this recording for security reasons.

If you attended this event or if you viewed the recording, please take the post-event survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/uncalculatedrisks