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Working Groups

Human Rights Funders Network working groups reflect the initiative, interest and energy of our members. Peer-led and self-directed, they are platforms for collective advocacy as well as learning spaces for members to dive into the issues that concern them.

Working groups are organized around specific issues, populations, geographic areas and grantmaking practice. They are coordinated by HRFN’s engagement team. If you are interested in starting a new working group, please email engagement@hrfn.org. 

To join an existing working group register here.


Communicating Human Rights and Social Change
(co-hosted by Ariadne)

A space in which both Ariadne and Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) members can analyze the Human Rights “public relations crisis” and explore arts/culture, communications, direct-action, campaigns, and other approaches that funders and activists can use to change and “recapture” the human rights narrative.

Conflict and Atrocity Prevention
(co-hosted by the Peace and Security Funders Group)

HRFN and PSFG members convened this working group to encourage donor coordination to prevent instances of conflict and mass atrocities, direct greater resources toward prevention activities, and respond to conflicts effectively if preventative efforts fail.

Donor Community on the Enabling Environment for Civil Society
(co-hosted by Ariadne)

Legal restrictions on civil society have been increasing worldwide, with a particular focus on access to foreign funding. The working group uses information exchange, research, donor advocacy, and collaboration to promote a more enabling environment for civil society.

Environmental Justice, Climate Change and Human Rights

The working group seeks to advance the human rights and resource rights of marginalized and indigenous communities who are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation and climate change. It aims to increase collaboration and share knowledge, strategies and resources amongst environmental and climate justice funders.

HIV and Human Rights
(co-hosted by Funders Concerned About AIDS)

The human rights and HIV movements are deeply connected, though funders often work within their own silos. The working group allows HRFN and FCAA members to exchange strategies and pursue shared funding goals at the intersection of these fields.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

This working group explores issues related to SRHR, including non-discrimination and inclusion, access to sexual and reproductive health care and information, and freedom of decision-making and expression regarding sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and reproduction.


Africa Funders

This is a space for funders to share strategies and discuss challenges and opportunities related to supporting human rights in Africa.

Asia and Pacific Funders

This is a space for funders to share strategies and discuss challenges and opportunities related to supporting human rights in Asia and the Pacific.

Latin America Funders

The working group is a space for grantmakers to share news and events, seek new grantees, and discuss challenges and opportunities related to supporting human rights in Latin America. Working group members hold periodic calls specifically for Mexico and Brazil funders.

Middle East and North Africa
(co-hosted by Ariadne)

The purpose of this working group is to bring together funders currently providing funding or interested in exploring funding in the Middle East and North Africa. The Working Group promotes collaboration, exchange of information and networking on grantmaking strategies and successes, funding gaps, caveats and opportunities for resource mobilization in support of civil society in the MENA region.


Children and Youth Rights
(co-hosted by Elevate Children Funders Group)

This is a community for donors who actively fund or are interested in funding children’s and youth rights to share information, collaborate, and promote children and youth as a component of a broader human rights strategy.

Disability Rights
(co-hosted by Ariadne)

The working group seeks to advance the rights of persons with disabilities, increase funding for and mainstream disability rights into the broader philanthropic community, and promote the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Human Rights Defenders

The working group serves as a forum for dialogue on human rights defenders as well as a space to highlight critical concerns, promote collaboration, and share information – including interactive exchanges and learning – on grantmaking strategies to support human rights defenders worldwide.

Grantmaking Practice

Human Rights Grants Operations (hosted on the Ariadne platform)

This working group brings together experienced grants operations staff and other interested grantmakers to develop solutions to emerging challenges in international grantmaking, particularly in light of increasing restrictions on civil society and foreign funding.

Learning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

This working group seeks to advance monitoring and evaluation in the context of social change and strengthen human rights funders’ monitoring and evaluation practices. It provides a forum to exchange ideas, share good practices, learn about emerging tools, and provide mutual support.

Peer-led Funding Models 
(co-hosted by Ariadne)

This community aims to share and increase the effectiveness of participatory grantmaking models that include members of the population served in decision-making processes. The working group seeks to democratize philanthropy by encouraging donors to become more inclusive in their funding practices.

To learn from tools developed by our working groups please visit our Resources.