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Peace and Security Funding Index Taxonomy

The Peace and Security Funders Group published its 2017 Funding Index Conflict and Atrocities Prevention findings.

The hundreds of millions of dollars granted every year in this sector are helping to prevent and mitigate conflict and build stable, resilient societies across the globe. Both the report and peaceandsecurityindex.org,  showcase stories of the incredible work peace and security funders support across a wide range of strategies, issues, and contexts. These stories, as well as the sample grants found throughout the Index, help bring the data to life. They also illustrate the long-term, evolutionary nature of peace and security work: though all of the stories found in the Index directly correspond to grants made in 2014, the work those grants supported remains relevant in 2017 and beyond. With the 2,773 grants they made in 2014, funders built coalitions, trained journalists, empowered grantees to tackle a variety of peace and security issues, and laid the groundwork for more recent funding and progress.

The 2017 Index tracks funding across 23 diverse issue areas, many of which overlap with other sectors, like climate, democracy-building, gender equality, and migration. The existence of peaceful, stable societies is critical to the success of other areas of work: children cannot be educated, health care clinics cannot provide services, and economic development projects will fail if people are experiencing violent conflict in their communities. In other words, peace and security funders are the “ground zero” of the philanthropic community: their work provides a foundation upon which other interventions can blossom and grow.


Authors: Rachel LaForgia and Alexandra I. Toma

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