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Defending Civic Space Reports

Shifting Sands: Experiences and Responses to Closing Civic Space

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative’s new report, Shifting Sands: Experiences and Responses to Closing Civic Space from the Transparency, Accountability, and Participation Field, explores global trends of shrinking civic space and how they are connected to the work of groups pursuing transparency, accountability, and participation (TAP) outcomes.  It provides data on how CSOs in the TAP field are experiencing and responding to shrinking civic space. The report is a product of a survey which aimed to answer three questions: Have member grantees been affected by closing civic space—and if so, how? How are grantees responding to changing civic space environments? What are the implications of the findings for grantees and grantee-funder relationships? Click download PDF to view the report and see the accompanying slide deck here.

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