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Alda Salomão

Pronouns: she / her
Founder and Executive Director, Tindzila Fund
Alda Salomão is an environmental lawyer, land governance specialist, and human rights activist. She is founder and current ED of TINDZILA Social Enterprise in Mozambique since 2016, which has land and natural resources governance as its core theme and integrates a socio-environmental fund that provides support to community-based initiatives, the TINDZILA Fund. From 2002 to 2015, Alda served as the General Director and senior legal advisor of the Mozambican NGO Centro Terra Viva (CTV), which focuses on environmental research and advocacy. Apart from providing strategic and technical leadership to CTV’s three programmatic areas, Alda also led CTV legal support to the Community-based Natural Resources Management Platform (2008-2010) and to the Community Land Initiative – iTC (2006-2012). From 2012 to 2017, Alda led CTV legal support to communities affected by the LNG project in northern Mozambique. From 2010 to date, Alda chairs the working group on legal and institutional issues under the Land Consultation Forum. In 2017 Alda was elected National Human Rights Commissioner and has been serving the Mozambican National Human Rights Commission responding for social and environmental rights and involuntary resettlements. Alda holds a Law Degree (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane- Moçambique), a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law (American University-USA) and a PhD in Human Geography and Spatial Planning (Utrecht University-Netherlands).
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