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Monica Aleman Cunningham

Pronouns: she / her
Senior Program Officer, Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD), Ford Foundation
Monica Aleman Cunningham is a senior program officer on the BUILD team and Senior Advisor to the Gender, Race and Ethnic Justice International Program at Ford Foundation, working to advance the foundation’s efforts to support and develop stronger, sustainable, and more effective social justice organizations and networks across the globe. Her areas of concentration in BUILD are Brazil, Andean Region, Mexico & Central America, China, Indonesia, Gender, Race, and Ethnic Justice and Natural Resources and Climate Change. Previously Monica was executive director of the International Indigenous Women’s Forum, a network of indigenous women's organizations in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. She also served as program and policy director at MADRE, an international women’s rights organization. Monica considers herself a human rights activist and an artist and creator and works consistently to make linkages between advocacy and using a creative mindset to bring color, love and beauty to this world. Monica grew up in an intercultural family but identifies herself as an indigenous woman that is strongly rooted in her multiple identities. She loves learning and studying law, foreign affairs, history, ethics and religion and her studies have concentrated in these areas.
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