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Collaborate with other funders to shift resources and power!
HRFN’s communities of practice are strategic spaces to come together around the most pressing issues in human rights and philanthropy today.
Communities of practice are open to all current HRFN members. However, we recognize that there may be some exceptional cases where groups that are not funders but are close partners or allies with HRFN and our members can also participate. These exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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We are currently accepting applications for our Human Rights Defenders and Closing Civic Space community of practice. You can also submit your statement of interest for upcoming areas of work.
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Communities of Practice

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Human Rights Defenders & Closing Civic Space: Join us on the next steps of our crisis preparedness learning journey to shape how funders can better support human rights movements before, during, and after crisis.

Upcoming Communities:
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Global Racial Justice
Global Funding Ecosystem
Climate Justice

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