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now is the time for funders to BOLDY SUPPORT MOVEMENTS that are leading us toward a more just future.

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About HRFN

We are a network of funders resourcing human rights action around the world.

Network Priorities

See our areas of focus and how we work to advance open philanthropy.

Our People

Meet the human rights funding advocates on our staff and steering committee.

three decades of TRANSFORMING
human rights philanthropy

For almost 30 years, Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) has brought funders together to collaborate, strategize, and advance the field of global human rights grantmaking. Today, we are crafting an HRFN that relentlessly builds toward justice, works with love, and continues to serve as a space for funders to strategize together and with movements.

Our Vision

We envision a peaceful future where rights are protected and upheld, the planet is cared for, and all people can live and love with dignity.

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Our Mission

We are a network of funders from the Global South, East, and North dedicated to resourcing human rights action around the world.

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Our Values

HRFN upholds six core values that we believe are needed to advance open philanthropy.

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About Us

focus areas to

HRFN supports ALL areas of human rights through our research and network. At the same time, our strategy identifies five priority areas with the potential to create urgent and necessary change in the current funding landscape. In each, we have dedicated programming and opportunities for members to get involved.

Priority Areas

Meet the team behind HRFN

Brenda Salas Neves

Pronouns: they / her
Director of Strategy & Communications

Debbie Zamd

Pronouns: she / her
Head of Program Operations

Divina Lama

Pronouns: she / her
Program Associate

Kellea Miller

Pronouns: she / her
Executive Director

Rachel Thomas

Pronouns: she / her
Director of Research Initiatives

Anisha Chugh

Pronouns: she / her
Executive Director, Women's Fund Asia

Ciciley (CC) Moore

Pronouns: she / her
Senior Program Officer (Office of the President), W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Jen Bokoff

Pronouns: she / her
Director of Development, Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund

Katy Love

Pronouns: she / her
Independent philanthropy consultant

Kézha Hatier-Riess

Vice President of External Relations, Global Greengrants Fund

Luam Kidane

Pronouns: she / her
Program Director, Thousand Currents

Maria Amália Souza

Pronouns: she / her
Founder/Strategic Development Director of Fundo Casa Socioambiental, CASA Socio-Environmental Fund

Megan Selland

Pronouns: she / her
Director of Grants Management, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Mukami Marete

Pronouns: she / her
Co-Executive Director, UHAI - the East Africa Sexual Health and RightsInitiative (UHAI EASHRI)

Rachel Freed (co-chair)

Pronouns: she / her
Vice President and Chief Program Officer, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Saulo Araujo

Director of Global Philanthropy, Grassroots International

Tania Turner

Pronouns: she / her
Co-executive Director, Fondo Semillas

Tracey Gurd

Pronouns: she / her
Senior Director of Civil and Political Rights and Advocacy, American Jewish World Service

Ximena Andión Ibañez

Program Officer, Mexico and Central America, Ford Foundation

Former Steerting Committee Members


Julie Richardson
Melanie Oliviero
Steve Cheifetz
Anna Yelk
Tom Leney
Johanna Mendelson Forman
Surita Sandosham
Kari Suzuki Bardy
Shalini Nataraj
John Kowal
John Taylor
Julia Greenberg
Steve Riskin
Rebecca Rittgers
Valentine Doyle
Mona Khan
Monette Zard
Kica Matos
Emily Martinez
Nikhil Aziz
James Logan
Annmarie Benedict
Michael Hirschhorn
Lesley Carson
Diana Samarasan
Ana Valeria Araujo
Louis Bickford
Mary Miller Flowers
Annie Hillar
Wanja Muguongo
Puja Dhawan
Dave Scamell
Mandy Van Deven
Hanan Elmasu
Tirza Leibowitz
Regan Ralph (USA)
Selma Moreira (Brazil)
Monica Aleman Cunningham
Maitri Moraji

Our People
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