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Anisha Chugh

Pronouns: she / her
Executive Director, Women's Fund Asia
Anisha Chugh, New Delhi, India: Anisha has been with Women's Fund Asia for over 10 years and starting 1st July 2022, has assumed the position of Executive Director of the Organisation. She previously worked at different levels within WFA -  Deputy Executive Director, Director of Programmes, and Programme Officer. Prior to joining WFA, Anisha worked with a human rights funder in India called the Dalit Foundation. Anisha has been part of several grant-making advisories. She currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Fenomenal Funds (The Women's Funds Collaborative Initiative) and represents WFA on the Advisory Board of the Resilience Fund. She has also served on the board of FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund as the Treasurer (2015-2020). Anisha has a Master’s in History from the University of Delhi (St. Stephen’s College) as well as a Master’s in Governance in Development from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Anisha loves trying new foods as well as experimenting with new recipes! Apart from food, Anisha also loves devouring books, especially historical fiction. Spirit Animal: Indian Dog
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