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09 December 2021
9:00 AM EST

Global South Funds join in a unique philanthropy initiative

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Event organized by Alianza Socioambiental Fondos del Sur

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Alianza Socioambiental Fondos del Sur • Socio-Environmental Funds of the Global South is a new initiative that brings together independent socio-environmental funds situated in 9 Global South countries/regions. Fondos del Sur were created by local socio-environmentalists who believe the only way to protect our planet is to make timely resources readily available to local grassroots organizations that are facing the worst impacts of environmental devastation, while also proposing just sustainable alternatives to protect communities’ rights and territories in all important global ecosystems. Each Fondo del Sur is a nationally/regionally based funding disbursement structure operating in local languages and cultures, making grants in local currencies, and offering a safe space for community leaders to develop skills that will eventually open doors to more support.

The Alianza brings together long standing socio-environmental funds like Casa Socio-Environmental Fund (Fundo Casa Socioambiental) in Brazil, Solidarity Action Fund (Fondo Acción Solidaria) in México, Tierra Viva Foundation (Fundación Tierra Viva) in Central America, and Samdhana Institute in Southeast Asia, along with recently launched funds such as Semilla Fund (Fundación Semilla) in Bolivia, Peru Socio-environmental Fund (Fondo Socioambiental Peru) in Peru, Emerge Socio-Environmental Fund (Emerger Fondo Socioambiental) in Colombia, Ñeque Fund (Fondo Ñeque) in Ecuador, and Tindzila Fund (Fundo Tindzila) in Mozambique.  What they have in common is that these activist funds understand how the most vulnerable populations facing environmental challenges are also the most excluded from philanthropic support.  They have their rights constantly violated, and in general cannot be accessed at scale by any outside funder.

Fondos del Sur, unlike traditionally known intermediary funds, are part of their own ecosystems,  their own local struggles for planetary protection in their own societies.  Without them, the most vulnerable and excluded communities in their countries of origin would be fighting alone, never knowing such a thing as philanthropy exists in the world. Thus, they are the only bridge between these two worlds.  Their mission is to make sure the true guardians of our planet’s biodiversity are not fighting alone and have the means and the respect they deserve to carry on protecting these places for all of humanity.

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