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01 March 2021 - 30 June 2021

Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit

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Event organized by Global Philanthropy Project (GPP)

In March-June 2021, Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) and co-sponsoring partners held the Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit, a virtual series focused on grantmaker responses to the “anti-gender” movement and related global anti-rights agendas. The Global Rights Summit served as an opportunity for grantmakers, philanthropic networks, and aligned colleagues to build shared analysis around anti-rights attacks and strategize towards multi-sectoral progressive philanthropic responses.

The summit included over 50 sessions, with over 380 attendees representing grantmaking organizations, funder networks, and civil society partner organizations.

In recent decades, we have witnessed a global confluence and re-framing of multiple longtime anti-rights movements within the concept of an “anti-gender” movement which claims to defend what is “natural.” This framework is weaponized by conservative political and religious groups in furtherance of ongoing strategies to attack and roll back human rights and self-determination, deny climate science, and promote anti-democratic forces. Enormous financial resources are flowing to these anti-rights movements, leveraged into acceleration across global regions and yielding both the attrition of human rights infrastructures and the increasing rise of authoritarianism.

The Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit aimed to provide an opportunity for grantmakers to develop shared analysis, strategy, and collaboration across multiple interconnected grantmaking issue areas.

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