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Membership Dues and Donations

I see a robust and participatory membership, which has to be an indicator that the network is well serving its constituents.

—HRFN Member

Human Rights Funders Network member contributions play a key role in our budget, helping to sustain our work and support an inclusive and diverse community across 70 countries.

Your membership contribution makes all of our ongoing work possible:

  • HRFN’s Advancing Human Rights research, the first-ever analysis and mapping of global human rights philanthropy to help funders and advocates alike identify gaps and trends, find peers and make more informed decisions in their work
  • HRFN webinars, in-person gatherings, learning visits and external events to support funders in deepening their human rights knowledge and strengthening their grantmaking practice
  • HRFN’s peer-led working groups, which serve as platforms for collective advocacy as well as learning spaces for members to dive into issues of common concern

While we strongly encourage your support, benefits of HRFN membership remain open to all grantmakers, regardless of contribution or level of support.

Contribution by Check

Download and submit our Dues Form, which includes recommended contribution levels based on your organization’s human rights grantmaking budget.

For more information on wire transfers, or if you have any questions related to membership dues, please contact Kellea Miller at kmiller@hrfn.org.

Contribution by Credit Card

You can make credit card payments here.