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Our Community

Human Rights Funders Network helps funders tackle the tough questions together:

  • How can we fund human rights work responsibly and effectively?

  • How can philanthropy challenge structures of inequality?

  • How do we sustain long-term, systemic change?

The world of philanthropy is transforming. In recent years, social entrepreneurship and impact investing have blurred the lines between the private, public and nonprofit sectors. New wealth is creating new philanthropists. Crowdfunding is democratizing giving. Fledgling foundations are springing up in emerging economies across the globe.

At the same time, a backlash against human rights activism is sweeping across countries. Governments are throwing up new barriers to cross-border philanthropy. Growing authoritarianism, militarism and religious fundamentalism pose profound challenges within and across our societies.

In this rapidly shifting environment, Human Rights Funders Network acts as a crucial hub.

The people who make up our increasingly global community are based in over 70 countries and represent almost 450 grantmaking institutions. Newcomers to our network include representatives from a women’s fund in Chile, a public foundation in India, and a private foundation in South Africa. HRFN members make grants, support grantee capacity building and advocate on a wide range of issues–from defending the rights of marginalized communities to promoting transparent and accountable governance to protecting the environment and more.

Human Rights Funders Network thrives on the energy, commitment and wide-ranging knowledge of our members.

We support grantmakers to learn from each other, collectively grapple with challenges and leverage resources for human rights. Through our network, members pool information to get the real picture of complex situations. They make new connections to activists, movements and funders. They access a safe space to reflect on their priorities and practices, and find support to try something different. They innovate together and explore new approaches to sustain a global human rights movement under threat.

Whether you are new to human rights funding or a seasoned veteran, you will find value in the diversity of experiences and perspectives our members bring.