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Gender-Lens Philanthropy: A practical guide for Canadian foundations

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Philanthropic Foundations Canada

A gender lens is one tool in the toolbox of foundations that strive to be effective in their support for organizations and initiatives working towards positive social change. Most societies have assumptions related to gender. Men and women, girls and boys are expected to act in certain ways, and this has led to restrictions and inequity.

This guide is intended to help foundations increase the impact of their grantmaking by increasing the awareness of gender as an important factor throughout the organization and the granting process. There are many ways to apply a gender lens in philanthropy. This guide points to several opportunities and tools, some of which will work for a given foundation, and others will not.

The important thing is to start where you are, take steps and gain inspiration as the practice of gender-lens philanthropy grows in Canada and the philanthropic field increases its contribution to gender equity in Canada and globally.

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