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Kézha Hatier-Riess

Vice President of External Relations, Global Greengrants Fund
Kézha is the Vice President of External Relations at Global Greengrants Fund and comes from a long line of family working for women’s, community, and Indigenous rights. Her relative, Alice Paul, was a drafter of the Equal Rights Amendment and a key advocate for the passing of the 19th Amendment and the creation of the Council on the Status of Women, her father was a co-founder of the Métis Indian Alliance which advocated for Métis and Indigenous rights in the US and Canada, and her mother was deeply involved in addressing hunger and poverty in the Bay Area. Kézha carries her family’s commitment to human rights and movements seeking justice for all people, wildlife, and the Earth, and has worked to protect the health of ecosystems in the West, to strengthen communities, and to increase educational access and equity for young people in New Mexico, always with a focus of local people and frontline communities being at the heart of decision-making. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a M.S. in Wildlife Biology for which she studied the social behavior of coyotes in Yellowstone National Park.  She is on the Interim Advisory Board of the Global Commons Alliance, the Board of Wild Earth Guardians, and a Representative for Project Coyote.
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