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15 February 2024
8:00 PT | 11:00 EST | 17:00 CET |

Webinar: A New Global Fund to Combat Statelessness


Organized by HRFN, Blue Sky Social Justice Fund, Dunn Family Charitable Foundation, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, Nationality For All, and The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights

An estimated 15 million people are considered stateless around the world. Tens of millions of others live with precarious and unequal nationality. Stateless people live at the intersections of most major social issues of our time: conflict and crisis, rising authoritarianism and xenophobia, climate change and the environment, racial and gender justice, economic inequality. Without the protections of citizenship or nationality, their legal status and claims to human rights are often left unheard or unanswered.

Funders in the realm of social justice or human rights are most likely engaging with stateless communities. And yet, stateless people are at the periphery, either unnamed within larger movements or afforded only token opportunities to ‘share their stories’ rather than leading change efforts, even within the statelessness field.

Stateless people, civil society organizations and donors are joining forces to co-create a Global Statelessness Fund that will provide the mechanism through which traditional and new philanthropy/donors can channel sustainable, unrestricted funding to increase the agency and independence of stateless-led organizations. It will also strengthen their capacity to advocate, organize, educate and mobilize to advance their own agendas and shape the work of others, while supporting the much-needed transformation of the wider field. The Fund will model the change we seek – through an ethos of equal collaboration and cent ring lived experience, including through adopting a participatory model for the selection of grantees.

Join the webinar to learn more about this new Global Fund to combat statelessness.


  • Kellea Miller, Human Rights Funders Network
  • Bina Ramanand, Family Frontiers, Malaysia
  • Yassah Kimei, Nubian Rights Forum, Kenya
  • Subin Mulmi, Nationality For All
  • Amal de Chickera, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
  • Martin Dunn, Dunn Family Charitable Foundation/Blue Sky Social Justice Fund


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