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21 September 2023
6:00 AM PT | 9:00 AM EST | 1:00 PM UTC

Technologies of Coping in Times of Climate Crisis

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Hosted by Numun Fund

In the midst of the climate crisis, one may ponder the impact of technology on the environment. Freshwater consumption by data centers, bitcoin mining, and exploitative labor practices of companies based in the Global North are seen as new forms of historical colonization processes.

Twenty-three companies worldwide hold dominance in 5G, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and AI, all of which have their headquarters in the US, Europe, and China. The question arises: Who is mining the minerals that make our phones work, and under what conditions are they doing so?

The pressing issue emerges: What other technologies do we need to address the climate crisis?

You can register to join Numun Fund in an Open Talk with Paz Peña, an independent consultant and activist on technologies, gender, and social justice based in Chile. She is the author of the book “Tecnologías para un planeta en llamas” (Paidos, 2023).

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