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Human Rights Funders Network helps funders access information integral to human rights grantmaking. We curate resources from our members and from other experts in the field that focus on grantmaking practices and vital human rights issues.

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Making a way forward: Community Organizing and the Future of Democracy in Europe

In 2018, Ariadne and the European Community Organising Network started a dialogue between social change and human rights funders and those advocating for an enabling ecosystem for community organizing in Europe. Now, the two networks have published a joint study that presents funders’ insights on the role that community organizing can play for protecting liberal… Read more


Funding in Conflict-Affected Environments

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) has written a guide available in English and Arabic, entitled “Funding in Conflict-Affected Environments” that is designed to answer the question – how can independent philanthropy fund activities and initiatives in conflict-affected areas in order to promote and support peacebuilding? Evidence shows that grant-making Trusts and Foundations do make a… Read more


More than the Sum of its Parts: Insights on the Future of European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure

Commissioned by the European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure (EPSII), the following report brings together key findings concerning the present and future directions of EPSII organizations and activities based on 51 interviews and 100 literature resources. It brings together key findings concerning the present and future directions of EPSII organizations and activities and is a helpful resource… Read more

Digital Security Helpline

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline works with individuals and organizations from Civil Society around the world to keep them safe online. If you’re at risk, Access Now can help you improve your digital security practices to keep out of harm’s way. If you’re already under attack, you can contact the hotline 24/7 for rapid-response emergency… Read more


Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions That Work

CLIMA’s new report, Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions That Work connects the dots between seemingly “small” grassroots solutions, carbon mitigation, and building rights-based resilience for the long-term. It brings together some new research on how grassroots solutions can cool the planet at scale, and powerfully affirms that funders who have traditionally invested in top-down strategies to… Read more


Shifting Sands: Experiences and Responses to Closing Civic Space

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative’s new report, Shifting Sands: Experiences and Responses to Closing Civic Space from the Transparency, Accountability, and Participation Field, explores global trends of shrinking civic space and how they are connected to the work of groups pursuing transparency, accountability, and participation (TAP) outcomes.  It provides data on how CSOs in the TAP field are experiencing… Read more


Trends in Closing Space Grant-making

Over the past several years, activists, civil society organisations and funders have been on the front-line of a growing number of attacks, facing threats, intimidation and more. FICS – the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society – was founded in 2016 to create a more strategic response by private philanthropy to what has been labelled ‘closing civil society space.’ This paper brings together… Read more


Gender Equality Funds

Gender Equality Funds is a search platform that enables you to find out if your money, in the form of individual mutual fund investments or an employer-provided 401(k), is invested in companies leading on gender diversity and equality. You can find socially responsible options that prioritize companies with an equal gender balance and strong policies… Read more