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Our movements and communities have shown us that organizing, advocacy, art, and policies rooted in collective care, joy, and healing are the way forward if we are to achieve true justice. The Astraea Collective Care Blog uplifts the transformative work of our grantee partners and the radical, care-based movements they are building, along with centering thought leadership and sharing resources for peer funders and allies on how feminist grantmaking, resourcing, and philanthropic advocacy are critical to the collective care ecosytem. You’ll hear from a number of Astraea voices, from Program Officers to Development staff and Astraea partners and advisors. We hope you’ll read this blog and join us on our collective care journey!

The blog was first launched in April 2020 as part of our organizational COVID-19 Collective Care Response. We began with the belief that it is our responsibility as a feminist funder to shed light on the ways our grantee partner communities are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, share insights around the criticality of healing justice and collective care, and keep shifting power to the grassroots. While we are experiencing this crisis together, it has become abundantly clear that certain communities — LBTQI folks, Black people, People of Color, migrants, Indigenous people, and ethnic and racial minorities — are being disproportionately impacted as a result of longstanding deep structural inequities around the world. This blog has been a space for us as Astraea to share our insights into how best we can support these communities and movements to heal and continue their critical work towards our collective liberation through resourcing, breaking isolation, and building sustainability and resilience as a praxis.

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