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The sheer size of inequality and how philanthropy can do more

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By Maria Amália Souza (Founder and Director of Strategic Development) and Cristina Orpheo (Executive Director)

Cristina Orpheo and I are activist funders. What does that mean? We have built a fund from the bottom up, literally.

Casa Socio-Environmental Fund supports today more than 500 grassroots groups a year in Brazil and South America — over 3000 in our 17 year history, and counting… They live in every biome in our region, and in all circumstances — forest, rivers, coasts, mountains, family farmers, urban dwellers, etc. They struggle to improve their homelands and livelihoods, to protect our forests, produce healthy food for us, improve life in the cities, and so much more. All of this to protect life for ourselves and All Beings. If you don’t know us, please look at our beautiful and heartwarming website.

Today I want to share an article we wrote for our 2021 Annual Report — a message to #international #philantrophy and #philanthropists and #donorswho care about our planet and want to do the best possible funding to our #planet’s #guardians and #protectors. It is #loud and it questions many of the things that are done in the #businessasusual mode of #grantmaking. We wrote it because we see that #hnwi and others who care about this planet are searching for new solutions and new ways to land resources in the hands of local communities who protect our planet. WE WANT this to happen for sure! But there are ways and ways of doing it. Here are some ideas to avoid #pitfalls and come together to do the best we can!

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