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How to Fund Tech Guide

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ARIADNE European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights is pleased to announce the release of their How to Fund Tech Guide!

Many trusts and foundations are grappling with the same challenges: they want to support impactful, inclusive technology and innovation in not-for-profit organisations and address the societal changes brought about by emerging technology.

This guide is for people working in trusts and foundations who want to effectively fund technology. It offers guidance and processes to help in understanding the technical maturity of not-for-profit organisations, or assessing the feasibility of technology-heavy grants. It also gives notes on how to have productive conversations with grantees and partners about technology.

The contents of this guide are shaped around conversations within foundations that are focused on equality, justice and human

Ariadne is offering this resource to social change and human rights funders as a jumping-off point, a place to begin discussions within your foundation and ask questions to help you navigate a technology-heavy grant, even if you feel you lack the expertise to evaluate the project completely. It is their hope that this resource will help to build a larger pool of funders who do not identify as tech funders or digital rights experts but feel capable to speak to some of the ways technology is impacting their grantees and long-term vision for society

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