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Narrative Spices: An invitational guide for flavorful human rights

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The Fund for Global Human Rights and JustLabs is pleased to announce the release of their report “Narrative Spices: An invitational guide for flavorful human rights

Achieving “narrative change” out in the world, we argue, is not just a matter of defining better narrative recipes, but of nurturing the creativity and reflection of the cooks themselves. The culmination of three years of work supporting groups in MexicoHungaryVenezuelaAustralia, and Sri Lanka to explore narrative research and imagine and develop creative shifts in their practice, this document mixes lessons and examples from the teams they supported along with ideas, wisdom, and research that has inspired us on our journey.

This “invitational guide” offers a different way to think about and approach narrative work in human rights. Rather than talking about formulas or specific strategies, it focuses on “spices”—different elements and entry points that human rights practitioners can explore, mix, and “cook” with.

For activists and practitioners, this is an invitation into play, experimentation, and reflection. You are the cooks! What spices are you currently using in your practice? What new blends could you explore?

For narrative practitioners, capacity-builders, and funders, this is a challenge to reflect on your own theory of change. How often are you outside the kitchen, calling for “new recipes?” How often are you investing in supporting the cooks to embrace their own culinary creativity and imagination?

For all of us, this document invites us to ask: what’s in my spice box for social change?

So, we invite you to have a look at our spice box. Then reflect on yours. As Gerardo, one of the participants in the Narrative Hub put it: “In order to survive, grow and evolve, you have to know how to adapt, and knowing how to adapt implies keeping your mind open to change.”

Woven throughout the document, you’ll find quotes and examples from the wonderful practitioners who have been the heart and soul of this process. For more inspiration directly from them, watch our mini-documentary and keep your eye on the landing page for their forthcoming Q&A interviews.

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