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How can funders protect the Youth Climate Movement?

This webinar was organized by Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and was co-hosted by Ariadne and the Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN).


The Youth Climate Movement (YCM) is one of the most important movements of our time. Over the past few years youth activists have demonstrated the power to fundamentally shift climate narratives and galvanise public, governmental, and corporate action in countries around the world.

The YCM’s campaigning is at odds with powerful forces and vested interests, leaving young activists exposed to threats that seek to destroy the movement, discredit its leadership, and dissuade others from taking up their mantle. If the YCM is to maintain and grow its power, then strategies for safety, resilience and sustainability need to be at the movement’s core.

We invite you to explore how the philanthropic community can respond to the security needs of the YCM in a way that addresses the needs and lived experience of youth activists, harnesses the movement’s strengths, and builds on the risk mitigation infrastructure and expertise already in place.

During the workshop you can expect to:

  • Absorb and review the risk assessment and recommendations regarding the holistic security of the international youth climate movement from security experts Kamara.
  • Interrogate the findings and add your perspective.
  • Collectively reflect on Philanthropy’s response to the challenges of ensuring security for the global youth movement at this critical moment in history.

Speakers include:

  • Steve Campbell, Urban Movement Innovation Fund
  • Natasha Westheimer, Sam Chenkin, Kimberley Hikaka & Oren Yakobovich from Kamara

The event will be moderated by Julie Broome, Ariadne Director.

Due to security concerns, this webinar will not be recorded.