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16 November 2023
The 'Funding Resilience Learning and Codesign Lab Series' were hosted over 13-16 November. This event page contains more information on the 'AI and Human Rights' Lab hosted on 16 November 2023.

AI and Human Rights: Learning Labs Week

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Learning Lab: AI and Human Rights


Thursday 16th November
8am PST / 11am ET / 4pm UTC / 5pm CET / 11pm ICT

As part of HRFN’s Better Preparedness: Funding Resilience initiative, our Learning Labs Week brought together a powerful set of thought leaders to address the challenges facing human rights actors in crisis and closing civic space. 

What are the present and what could be the future impacts of AI on human rights, movements and civic space? In such a huge, rapidly changing field, how can we go about forecasting and what positive solutions could AI offer?

During the ‘AI and Human Rights’ Learning Lab, we looked at how AI could potentially be used to assist in protecting and strengthening human rights norms and coordination between funders addressing acute human rights crises. 

HRFN AI and human rights Learning Lab



  1. Daniel Leufer, Senior Policy Analyst, Access Now,
  2. Jac sm Kee, Chief Cartographer and Co-Founder of the Numun Fund
  3. Paola Mosso, Co-Executive Director at The Engine Room
  4. Daniel Walmsley, Principal Architect for AI at Automattic

Watch the recording of the session here.

See resources here.

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