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15 November 2023
The 'Funding Resilience Learning and Codesign Lab Series' were hosted over 13-16 November. This event page contains more information on the 'Decolonizing and Localizing Grantmaking' Lab hosted on 15 November 2023.

Decolonizing and Localizing Grantmaking: Learning Labs Week

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Learning Lab: Decolonizing and Localizing Grantmaking


Wednesday 15th November
8am PST / 11am ET / 4pm UTC / 5pm CET / 11pm ICT

As part of HRFN’s Better Preparedness: Funding Resilience initiative, our Learning Labs Week brought together a powerful set of thought leaders to address the challenges facing human rights actors in crisis and closing civic space. 

At the policy level, how could the localization agenda accelerate the decolonization of grant-making, and at the frontline how is participatory grant-making shifting the power? How could we help improve coordination between philanthropic funders of civil society facing acute human rights and longer-term civic space challenges?

During the ‘Decolonizing and Localizing Grantmaking’ Learning Lab, HRFN looked at the changes being made across our field to ensure that civil society is the reference point in shaping our strategies and practice.

HRFN Decolonizing and Localizing Grant-Making Learning Lab



  1. Anisha Chug, Executive Director of Women’s Fund Asia
  2. Helena Hofbauer Balmori, International Program Director for Civic Engagement and Government and Director for Mexico and Central America at the Ford Foundation
  3. Degan Ali, Founder of Adeso and DA Global

The session was moderated by Heba Aly, CEO at The New Humanitarian.

Watch the recording of the session here.

See resources here.

You can also read out more about other Learning Lab sessions on early warning systems, legal and banking solutions, and tech, AI and human rights.

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