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20 May 2021
10:00 AM ET

LitTalks: African Futures

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Event organized by Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN)

LitTalks: Global Politics & Philanthropy: This six-part series delves into critical issues in global politics and human rights, and how philanthropy can support movements around the world. Learn more about the other sessions below.

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Fatimah Kelleher writes: “…from Ghana to South Africa, women across Africa are resisting orthodox economic models and coming up with visionary alternatives towards an African ecofeminist future.”

Throughout the African region, self-led and self-determined movements are redefining African futures. Land defenders are fighting  state -sponsored land grabs. LGBTQI communities are  organizing  (and winning!) to overturn colonial-era laws that criminalize same-sex relations. Youth organizers are resisting police violence and government corruption via hashtags and social media. Regional funds are building structures for resourcing their communities using participatory models and supporting on their own agendas.

The visions are vast and fierce.

Join with activists, academics, and writers to understand how African futures are shaping human rights around the globe, where movements can learn from one another, and how funders can support new visions for justice.

Series Information

The outcome of the U.S. elections raises high expectations about the future of multilateralism, global democracy, environmental protection and human rights. The global problems and challenges are complex and will require political, economic, social and philanthropic commitment of all states and societies.

In this series, we’re bringing political thinkers from each region together to unpack American global agendas. We’re looking beyond borders and working to understand the distinct legacies and interconnections to answer one key question: what can we expect in the wake of the latest U.S. elections? These discussions will reveal the invisible impacts of our interconnected economies, lives, and realities. It’s time to debrief and focus on the lived experiences, understanding, resistance, and narrative of the global community.

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