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09 February 2021
10:00 AM EST

Littalks: The United States- A New Relationship with the World?


Event organized by Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN)

LitTalks: Global Politics & Philanthropy: This six-part series delves into critical issues in global politics and human rights, and how philanthropy can support movements around the world. Learn more about the other sessions below.

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The hegemonic crisis. The internal fractures (racism, inequality, poverty) and their link to foreign policy. How will a post-imperial United States link up with the world? The Atlantic relationship, the anti-interventionist tendency (of the right and the left). Is the U.S. sharing power or is it trying to lead in the international system? How will the Biden Administration make the transition to a new role? What is the role of U.S. philanthropy domestically and abroad amidst this sea of changes?

In the month of January alone, the United States has seen an insurrection, an impeachment, and the dawning of a new presidency. What does this mean for human rights around the world? What is the role of philanthropy in the U.S. and globally amidst this sea of changes? Where is power shifting — politically, economically, and amongst social movements?

Series Information

The outcome of the U.S. elections raises high expectations about the future of multilateralism, global democracy, environmental protection and human rights. The global problems and challenges are complex and will require political, economic, social and philanthropic commitment of all states and societies.

In this series, we’re bringing political thinkers from each region together to unpack American global agendas. We’re looking beyond borders and working to understand the distinct legacies and interconnections to answer one key question: what can we expect in the wake of the latest U.S. elections? These discussions will reveal the invisible impacts of our interconnected economies, lives, and realities. It’s time to debrief and focus on the lived experiences, understanding, resistance, and narrative of the global community.

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